Eco. Logical.

We're putting waste, water and chemistry behind us and looking forward to a low-power, high-profit future for the whole print industry.


No Process. No Limits.

of offset printers could switch to process free plates with SONORA X Plates.



water drop
Drop Water.

We're saving the print industry up to

361 million liters

of water from plate processing per year.


Save Your Energy.

Join printers everywhere saving up to

139 million
kilowatt hours

of energy per year.*

*Based on calculations using average chemistry use and plate processing times of popular plate processors and projected sales of SONORA Plates.


Zero Chemistry
Zero Chemistry.

SONORA Plates saves the industry up to

2.73 million liters

of plate developer per year*

Go process-free and say goodbye to:

  • Spent chemistry and waste water
  • Chemistry containers
  • Processor cleaning and maintenance
  • Shipping, storage and disposal costs

*Based on calculations using average chemistry use and plate processing times of popular plate processors and projected sales of SONORA Plates.


SONORA Can Print That

Boost performance and profits with SONORA Plates - whether it's offset packaging, heatset or coldset web, traditional or low-energy UV, high-quality sheetfed or high-volume newspaper applications.

No process, more potential.

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Leader of the Pack.

Help us show the packaging world the way forward. From recirculating water-based inks to cutting down on VOCs, our safe packaging printing solutions help sustain the planet – and your profits.


More Start. Less Stop.

Cut down on waste with faster press start-ups and fewer stoppages. Sustain the planet and your print profitability with high-performance FLEXCEL NX Plates. The best of all worlds.

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Water-based. Solid Profits.
Solid Profits.

From food-safe packaging inks to high-speed variable data, KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology does it all. More flexible, more efficient, more profitable.

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The No-Waste<br />Workflow.
The No-Waste

Save time, money and mistakes. Let KODAK PRINERGY Workflow automate your prepress.

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Power. Savings.

Our TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters use up to:

  • 43% less power while imaging than previous models
  • Up to 95% less power than the competition

Aim for higher standards – and profits – today.

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Just What You Need.

Print less. Remove less. Save more. The KODAK Printed Electronics Technology platform turns the manufacturing process on its head and cuts out up to 95% of material.

By only printing what you need, you can save yourself time and money.


SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award
SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award

Our customers around the world are striving to become more environmentally responsible. Kodak is pleased to recognize these companies.

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By constantly pushing what’s possible, we’re helping our customers transform their businesses, driving growth and profits, while reducing waste and minimizing footprint.

Pioneering print for a new age. Care to join us?

Let’s take print further.

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